4 Must Ask Questions for Painting Companies to Keep Yourself from Getting Scammed

A lot of property owners are constantly searching for ways to enhance their home’s curb appeal and incorporate some personality into their property. If you’re one of them, then one of the best means to do that would be to play with a fresh paint coat. But if you want to have the optimal outcomes possible, the key would be to hire expert house painters in Washington that you can rely on. 

Sadly, this task can be challenging given that there are bad people who are lurking and searching for a victim to scam. Because of that, we will be discussing a few inquiries you must ask your prospective company to hire to guarantee that your investment won’t go sour.  

Are you qualified and licensed experts? 

Painting experts should have all of the right qualifications, insurance, and licensing to run a business. With these, you can have peace of mind knowing that any mishaps, injuries, or accidents that occur on the job area will not fall on your shoulders to deal with. It may require a professional painter to acquire all of these credentials. For that, the painters who have these will be very willing to prove to you and let you see them so that you’ll feel more at ease as you work with them. If they appear to be hesitant or defensive to do so, then they are most likely scammers.  

Why do you use vague language in the contract? 

As a basic rule, you must not sign any contract that consists of vague language that can potentially be tampered with or utilized against your interest. A trusted and well-established painting company will have non-ambiguous and specific language and will be more than glad to respond to any of your inquiries regarding the terms and agreements of the job. 

Do you need payment before the painting project is done? 

Expert residential painters revel in their work’s quality, which is why they won’t commonly ask for payment before the project starts. Though it’s common for a minimal consultation fee, when a painter will ask a large sum of payment from you even before any painting job has been performed, then consider this sign as a red flag.  

Plus, it would be best if you should be wary of painting job providers that always alter the requirements or estimate the amount for your payments. Trusted and established painting contractors are expected to have an organized, strict system that they follow for each client. If they keep on changing this arrangement, then they may be plotting for ways to scam you. So, be aware.  

How experienced is your team? 

A well-established painting company in a community that’s performing their expertise for some time now usually offers high-quality results. This does not mean that the newer companies in the industry are scammers. You just need to maximize your investment by making sure that you’ll hire the most reliable experts in time and love the paint job you paid for.