How to Maximize Space and Storage for Small Bathroom?

Nowadays, homeowners have more things in their bathrooms, which include tons of cosmetics, makeup brushes, different types of hair, luxury varieties, gadgets for curling, straightening, drying, grooming, etc. Because of that, it’s important to prevent clutter by finding space for all of these items within your bathroom. Otherwise, cluttered things can adversely affect the finished product of a new bathroom remodel.  


If you want to be guided for a small bathroom remodel Seminole project, make sure to hire a reputable bathroom remodeler to get a well-planned and amazing design to be free of distractions and clutter. Listed below are some of the ways you can effectively make your small bathroom look more spacious and more organized.  

Wall-mounted faucets 

These don’t just appear stylish and contemporary, but these faucets are also simple to clean and you get a usable area all over your sink at the same time. Have your trusted home designer assist you with reliable and convenient selections to make the most out of your bathroom area.  

Extend the countertop on top of the toilet 

When your toilet is placed right next to your vanity, you can make the most out of your small bathroom’s area by extending your countertop material as a narrow ledge on top of the toilet. Moreover, you can consider moving your sink off-center so that you’ll get a more useable and wider space rather than slivers on each side of the sink.  


Consider getting useful accessories that can help your small bathroom area to be maximized and look more appealing. These items could include towel bars, and floating display shelves rings that complement your faucets, stackable bins and baskets, artistic containers, hooked coat racks, decorative stands or freestanding cabinets, etc.  

Don’t install bathtub 

If you prefer to use a shower while bathing and there’s one more tub within your home, choose to have a glass-enclosed shower instead. This way, you can get some of your much-needed space. Plus, the glass can make the illusion of having an open area. 

Open the area with a non-traditional vanity and/or sink. To maximize the space of your small bathroom, look for some attractive baskets, storage containers, or floor and you can hire a professional home designer and let them add a console sink or pedestal. That way, the room will look bigger since you won’t have “the box” under your sink—ideal for powder rooms. 

You may wall mount a sink or vanity and then tuck those pretty containers and baskets beneath open shelves. 

Install vertical cabinets 

Your bathroom remodeler can incorporate floor-to-ceiling cabinets as a linen tower when there’s room. Plus, you will obtain a storage tower. Make sure to store the things that you infrequently use at the top. These cabinets are best used to keep a set of towels accessible.   

Now that you know these tips to maximize the storage and space in your small bathroom, the next step is to hire a qualified bathroom remodeling contractor to help you realize your dream bathroom. 

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